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If you wish to contact me, select the appropriate email address, or if preferred, another contact method. Please allow about 24 to 48 hours for a response in most cases. Please note that if for any reason you do not get a response, repeatedly sending your message will not get you a faster response. Email will be the best way you can get ahold of me if you're looking for a well thought-out response.

Starting on November 4, 2021, some social media accounts were removed from this list. Those accounts have either been deleted or are no longer public accounts. Follow requests to these now private accounts may not get accepted if I do not know who you are. I do not plan on making many exceptions on access to these accounts either. There is most likely an equvilant to the content you would have found on this website (or a different one) already. Please look at links on the home page first.

Email accounts

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Social media

Discord (User) GitHub LinkedIn YouTube (User) YouTube (Topic) Please note that if you expect a reply on a Gmail/Yahoo/Outlook account, please check the Spam/Junk folder and/or whitelist the specific address you wish to receive emails from. If you do not do this, there may not be anything I can do to help with you not getting emails in your inbox.

If you expect a reply on Office 365, you might be out of luck. For the time being, I am currently unable to send to Office 365 servers for some reason. Microsoft has yet to resolve this issue.

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