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Studying Computer Information Systems at the University of Akron. Experienced in system administration, technical support, software development, and web development. Passionate about improving lives & living conditions with ethical technologic innovations.

I am interested in computing, programs, innovation, and research in technology that improve our standard of living and quality of life. I believe that innovative ethical technologies can improve our lives and living conditions, make information easier to access, and can drive those with a vision for improvements to continue innovating.

Education and innovation can improve our daily lives. Ethical technologies can make that education, research, and innovation possible.

The same thing with less buzzwords and more details

My name is Anton McClure. I attend the University of Akron where I'm currently majoring in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis in programming. Over the years I have gained knowledge in administrating various operating systems (which has gotten a little less impressive with nearly all of the major Linux distros switching to Systemd), tech support, software development, and web development. Despite the last thing listed, I prefer backend development over frontend development. I like to see when technology helps improves lives and living conditions for people.

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