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This is a small server that I run both for fun and for real-world projects. This machine powers my web server, mail server, firewall, VPN, and is the dev box for some projects I am currently working on. It runs Apache2 for web, Postfix for SMTP, and Dovecot for IMAP and POP3, among other things on a version of Debian GNU/Linux.


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Why run this server?

I maintain my own server, services, and sometimes even my own software for several reasons:
Being a server that I run myself, I know where everything is at, what all needs set, updated, configured, etc. Most of the software installed on this server are things that I've used for at least a few years now, so I've become familiar with a lot of it. There also aren't multiple different system configurations that I need to worry about as would be present if I had used "pre-configured" web-app environments or app images.
GNU/Linux is powerful, and yet, able to perform great on smaller and more affordable machines. I try to run this server to be as efficient as possible, and try to keep data transfers required to get content as low as I'm able to for bandwidth limits and data caps, so that people without really high-speed networks (such as myself) don't need to have long wait times for content to load, ans so that my site isn't the reason anyone goes over any bandwidth limits with a few pages, or, something expensive nobody (else) would really want to deal with.
All programs, including operating systems have their security issues, and the versions of GNU/Linux and other software titles on this server are no exception. Fortunately being free software, security holes found in the GNU/Linux operating system, Apache web server, Postfix mail server, and BIND DNS server (as well as other unmentioned programs) can be fixed by anyone (or [attempted to be] broke by anyone as well) with a community of developers/maintainers overseeing these changes.
The software on the distro that I use, Debian GNU/Linux, might not be the newest, but it's stable. Some people might decide to call it "stale", but as a server, it doesn't necessarily have to be the newest programs around, just the safest/most secure. Basically anyone can access the machine from anywhere if they had the right credentials, so it's best to try and keep the machine secure and stable.
When you run your own server, you can (finally) starts moving away from massive platforms full of security risks, poor deals, increasing prices for decent (or the least bad) quality of service, and hopefully, the system admin won't be selling your data to facebook for a bit of money! So long as you trust the server hosting company enough, you can run virtually any service safely and securely, no matter if it's just for yourself, some friends, or anyone on the Internet.

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